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DaycareWaitlist is 100% free for smaller centers. If you have a waiting list of more than 20 children, or need some of the advanced features, you can upgrade to Pro for $129 per yer.

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Price per Year

Free for small centers and home daycares

$0 $129
Total Active Children On List

Children that have been enrolled or removed from the list do not count towards this number.

20 Unlimited
Mobile Friendly WebApp

Access your waitlist from any device. Smart phone, PC or tablet.

Online Forms

Allow parents to fill out their own enrollment form, information is directly submitted to your waitlist

Email Reminders

Are sent on a periodic basis to parents to ask for updates and remind them they are on your waitlist.

Automatic Movement Between Age Groups

Lists will update based on birthdate, and any priority rules you have created.

Collect Parent and Child Information

Names, Email, Phone, Notes, even create your own custom fields

Custom Priorities

Use the preset or create your own, they will be used to prioritize each age group.

See the Future

Quickly adjust your list to see what your age groups look like on a future date

Import Your Data

We'll import your data into your waitlist. Please send us a sample of your data so we can verify that it can be imported before you upgrade.

Export Your Data

Get a CSV with all your data to import into excel for custom reporting.

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An easy to use waitlist solution that fits any budget

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You'll get a free upgrade to Pro for 30 days.

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WaitlistPlus - waitlist management software for any business

A great alternative to Daycare Waitlist with more great features and tons of flexability.

Upgrades and Refunds

Anytime during your free trial of Pro you can extend your Pro access for $129 per year.
If your Pro trial ends, you can continue to use the free features or upgrade to Pro at anytime.
You can upgrade or downgrade for free at any time and your data will always stay with your account.
We do not offer refunds.